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Floor Finds 

Youtube series.



#1 - Marko Hietala

"We kick off #FloorFinds with our own #MarkoHietala (@Nightwish)! We are no experts but we are intrigued by the possibility of life somewhere else in the universe. What do you believe? (Let's keep the comments civil and down to earth 😉)"



#2 - Elize Ryd

"For the second installment of Floor Finds I talked with @Elize Ryd about what makes singing live so special. What is your most memorable memory of attending a live show?"



#3 - Alissa White-Gluz

"Together with @Alissa White-Gluz Official we talk about how we see our role on this world when it comes to the well-being of the Earth. We touch upon many topics: plastic use, up-cycling, recycling, raspberries (not strawberries), diet and much more! It was absolutely lovely catching up with Alissa again! Alissa is the singer of @archenemyofficial and has been vegan for over twenty years already. She also has her own Patreon which you can check out here: How do you see your place on this earth?"



#4 - Anky van Grunsven

"It is with great honor to present my guest for Floor Finds #4! A woman I highly admire, ever since I was a young teen. A woman with an amazing career, more medals than you can count, the only rider to record three successive Olympic wins in the same event and the most down to earth personality. And she is not a musician 😊 Welcome to my interview with Anky van Grunsven! "



#5 - Henk Poort

"Being put in a box and stereotyped happens too often. Metal is a prime example of this. In this new Floor Finds I sat together with Henk Poort to discuss what it is like to be put in a box by others and what it feels like and the impact it can have on someone. What are your experiences? Time to get out of those boxes, or pigeonholes!"



#6 - Tom Englund

"Mental health, depression and difficult times are topics which are often not touched upon as much as they should. I sat down with Tom Englund from Silent Skies & Evergrey to discuss these heavy topics. Tom has a background in helping people with psychological issues and also got himself through a hard time. Hope you all enjoy this talk and are taking care of yourselves."

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