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We are an independent Nightwish fan community
By fans, for fans

About this website

This is the homepage of the community A Walden of Our Own, but also an aspiring community hub; guidepost, encyclopedia and archive to the world of Nightwish and the Nightwish fandom.

About A Walden of Our Own

A Walden of Our Own was born in January 2020 out of the ashes of the Official Nightwish Forum (3rd and 4th incarnation, and The forum boards as they were are gone (although some pages can be viewed through Wayback Machine). Nightwish no longer has any official fan communities aside from their social media profiles. The discussions continue in various places online.

A shared interest in Nightwish was what connected us, but we stayed for the community, conversations and friendships. 

And so we moved to Discord. Our server, which is set up similarly to the old forum, is the place where forum oldies can find old friends, and newbies perhaps can find new friends! We gladly welcome anyone who wants to join us. If you want to find out more about what happened to the forum, there's an extensive document available in the server that we will gladly help you find.

This website is also the home of the Nightwish Media Archive project, created together with NightDreamers' Reacticide. To find other fan communities and ways to connect with the band, see the Links tab.

We hope to see you around!

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