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"We were here, roaming the endless prairie, writing an endless story, building a Walden of our own" ...
– Alpenglow (Endless Forms Most Beautiful, 2015)

A Walden of Our Own was born in January 2020 out of the ashes of the official Nightwish Forum (third and fourth incarnations, and after it was sadly lost to a server failure in late 2019. The forum boards as they were are gone today (although some pages can be viewed through Wayback Machine).


Shortly thereafter, Nightwish severed the official ties to their fan clubs and communities, and the old forum community was forced to find a new home.

And so we moved to Discord. Our server, which is set up similarly to the old forum, is the place where forum oldies can find old friends, and newcomers can find new ones! A place not only to stay up to date on Nightwish, but to share and discuss art of all genres, and talk about everyday topics such as news and entertainment.

This website is also home to the Nightwish Media Archive project.

 On the Links page you can find other fan communities and ways to connect with the band.

We hope to see you around!

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