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Floor - Vocal Masterclass 

Youtube series.


#1 - Don't Stress Your Jaw​

"My very first online vocal lesson / MasterClass! And of course, we start with and introduction and the basics! This episode we talk about the importance of breathing technique, your jaw, warm-up routines and generally what we are going to be working on."

#2 - Breathing Technique & Support Explained

"Time to get into the basics of breathing technique & support! We'll discuss the impact both have on our bodies, singing and the way we sound. On top of this, we'll perform some exercises that will help you get used to proper breathing technique & support! This is the second video of my vocal masterclass series."

#3 - Warming Up Your Voice

"Welcome to the third vocal masterclass! This time we are warming up our voice for singing. This means we will perform exercises to make sure our voice is ready for singing. Also we have a surprise guest joining us."

#4 - Belting, Curbing & Overdrive

"It's been a little while but it doesn't mean we are stopping the MasterClasses. 😉 We've talked about breathing techniques, jaw position, warming up and this time we are going to cover different singing techniques. In particular today we will look at belting, curbing & overdrive. We will link this to my latest cover of Ave Maria! Most of this I have learned from Cathrine Sadolin's Complete Vocal Technique book!"

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