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Interview by Battlehelm

31 Dec 2000



What you say! You have not heard Nightwish. You should be ashamed for having missed out on this
absolutely fabulous and quite frankly superb Finnish metal band. If I was forced to take back all the bands I’ve raved about I would still keep telling people how incredible Nightwish are. Nightwish have just released a DVD of concert footage and a M-CD featuring a cover of Gary Moore’s "Over The Hills And Far Away". Their latest studio album "Wishmaster", which was released last year, is one of these rare albums that you just want to come back to time after time. It’s so good that I can’t get enough of it. Nightwish is not your average German sounding power metal band. They are way beyond that. Between Tarja Turunen’s incredible vocals, Tuomas Holopainen masterful song writing & keyboard playing and Jukka Nevalainen’s (drums), Emppu Vuorinen’s (guitars) and Sami Vänskä’s (bass) performance there’s nothing missing. Due to Tuomas busy schedule it took some time to get in touch with him but once I did he had this to say.
-Anders Ekdahl

You had quite a success with the Oceanborn album. What reactions have Wishmaster been receiving?

"Mostly very positive worldwide! In Finland it was praised in many magazines with almost top scores and also the fans seem to be very satisfied with it. Wishmaster sold platinum in December, too! But naturally the "shock value" had disappeared since the people already knew what to expect after Oceanborn album."

What did you set out to do when you started to write the new album?

"I never think much ahead of what the concept/sound/songs should be like when I start working on a new album. But mainly we wanted to keep the touch that was found on “Oceanborn” and just develop everything from the arrangements to production. And I think we managed to do that very well."

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