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Interview by Ever Dream Fanclub

23 Apr 2006


Tuomas, Jukka

Bramblerose: Does the cover have a symbolic meaning for you? Why is the hear split by a lightning. Is there more behind this? Did Markus Mayer create it again and if not, who did it?  

Tuomas: It was a different artist this time - a finnish guy called Toxic Angel and I think the symbolism is pretty obvious on the cover.  

Bramblerose: Do you think the “End of an Era” DVD is more professional than for example “From Wishes to Eternity”? What do you think about the DVD’s qualitiy in general.  

Jukka: At least I hope so it’s more professionally. We just saw it a few weeks ago for the first time and it’s looking real good. And the qualitiy of filming and the qualitiy of sound is way better than on “From Wishes to Eternity”.

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