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Interview by Metal Hammer

31 Dec 1998




Which memories are you connecting with your childhood?
I was exactly 3 years old, standing on a table in a big hall and singing a well-known Christian song called ‘Angels Of Heaven’. From the beginning to the end I got into a muddle. (Don’t let any psychoanalyst hear about that …)

What was the craziest job you have ever done?
I was a waitress on a boat in Kuopio, my hometown, namely one of those who had to clean the toilets, too.

Four terms: love, money, fame, friends. Which one is the most important for you and why?
Love – because true love is so rare.

Which one was the worst experience concerning love/relationship?
When I was 14 and head over heels in love, but he quitted relationship. Ouch.

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