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Message from Marcelo

22 Feb 2006


Other: Marcelo Cabuli

After the concert of Nightwish in Hartwall Areena last October 2005, many things happened.

As is already public domain, the band members decided to stop working with Tarja and they made clear their point of view through an open letter posted in the band’s web page and through many interviews given at that same moment.

Since then, I have been waiting without luck, for Tuomas Holopainen to stop disrespecting my wife and me in public. But, unfortunately, seems that he has no intention to stop doing it.

In 5 years time, he had uncountable chances in buses, hotels, planes, airports, concert halls and offices to tell me in my face his ideas and opinions. He didn’t. Seems it has been for him very hard to speak to me, but very easy to speak to the rest of the world…

He is trying to put me down, helped by some people around him willing to show their faces in the media. I got tired of their impunity to talk about things that affect other persons. Now is time that you hear not only their opinions about things, but also mine.

There are so many things to say. Based in the emails that I have received from fans of the band and Tarja, I realized that the best that I can do is to let the fans ask me what they want to know.

Until now I haven’t been replying to these emails, as I have been willing not to discuss about the facts that happened, but everything has a limit and now I find myself forced to do it.

Until next March 1st, for this purpose, I will be receiving questions regarding every topic you want to ask (without restrictions) to the following email address:

I wish to be able to answer to the people that might be really interested to know. In order to avoid wasting time with emails of other kind, I will request that every email sent has as subject the following info: complete name of sender (not nickname), ID number and country of origin. Please send the questions in English (or Spanish).

I expect to receive many questions and it will demand me some time to go through all of them.

The questions (with the name of the person that made it) and answers will be posted in

You have heard and read so far only Tuomas Holopainen’s opinion about facts related to Nightwish, Tarja and myself. Many of you won’t like to read what I will have to say. Neither I’ll like to say it.

Marcelo Cabuli.

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