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Interview by The Rockpit

27 Apr 2020



Text Elle Jay.

Having been five years since the release of ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’, a new studio album had been highly anticipated.  In a bold move to release a double album, with one dedicated to symphonic orchestral only, it is an album that has an eloquence of simplicity whilst being soaked in grandeur, it is its own creation brought to life by the delicate precision of a well oiled machine that is ‘Nightwish.’

We caught up with Floor Jansen from Finland’s most successful band to speak about the new album, the dancing skeletons of ‘Tribal’ and cats attempting to destroy the lettuce patches of Sweden.

Elle Jay: Hi Floor, how are you doing? How are things in Sweden?

Floor: I am good, it is calm here, very calm. We are home which is good, the reason why, not nice but it’s nice to be home.

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